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THE WRITE PLACE, the newspaper for the aspiring writer.
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Starting on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, we will be holding meetings every second Tuesday evening, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Eleanor London Library, in the Shell Room ... 5851 Cavendish Blvd, across from the Cavendish Mall.

** Parking is available in back of the library

Please feel free to bring something to read and be critiqued upon.

We may also have in-meeting exercises to do, with the possibility of a home writing exercise to prepare for inclusion in the next meeting.

*Please RSVP*

**Please check your email the morning of the meeting in case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions.****

Guests are asked to contribute $2.00
per meeting to offset the costs incurred by the Society.


The most recent edition of our Third volume of The Write Place is out and is on coffee shop shelves and library counters around the city. Feel free as well to visit its web site, where you can peruse all of its editions! And we have a FaceBook page as well. You can read recent news and peruse the submission guidelines, if you feel the need to write.

The Canadian Writers Society is a group of writers, both aspiring and published, who believe in sharing their works and ideas with other like-minded individuals. Society activities include:

• "Reading and Feedback" evenings, where members are asked to bring in a short piece they have written, to be read in front of the members present, who will then constructively comment on the piece. The object of this exercise is to get some sort of audience feedback on our work, in order to better understand how people will interpret our pieces, and to enable us to perfect the work;

• "Imagination" evenings, where members are only asked to bring their imagination and quick wit. They will be asked to write a short piece “on the spot”, either given a single line to embellish, or a topic to expound upon. Once finished, each member will read their piece for the other members present. The object of this exercise is two-fold: to give our imaginations a workout and to open our minds to other points of view, making us realize that there is more than one direction a single thought can meander;

• "Match Game", where members get to fill in the blanks of phrases and compete to match other members.

• "Name Game", where members name objects that match a condition ("things you use at work") and that start with a specific letter, trying to avoid matching the answers of other players.

• Workshop evenings, where selected authors or publishers animate a hands-on workshop of techniques and tricks intended to help and enable members in their craft;

• Round Table Discussion evenings, where selected authors, publishers and other members of the industry come together to discuss topics of interest to members;

• Lecture evenings, where members can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge that selected speakers are able to impart on topics of member interest.

At present, we hold one meeting a month, at the Cote-St-Luc Aquatic Centre on Parkhaven. Our year starts in January and ends in December, closing temporarily during the month of July for vacationers’ pleasures.

We usually request a small donation of $2.00 per meeting to cover the cost of coffee and cookies we usually supply.

So take a minute and see what we're all about. Come and join us at one of out meetings and find out what you've been missing.

You can find out a bit more about us on our website:

and you can contact us at any time at one of the following places:
by e-mail:

by phone:
(514) 707-9396

by snail mail:
c/o 9770, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal, Qc H3L 2N3

Occasionally, when we send out e-mails to our members, announcing when and where we are holding the next CWS get-together, we request an RSVP. Now we know it might be difficult for some of you to respond, but we really appreciate those who do, as it makes the planning of the event so much easier, as well as allowing us to contact those who have reserved in the event of a last minute change of venue. When we get no answer back, we find it impossible to do anything, not knowing if anyone will even be there. Since we are required to make a payment for the use of the rooms, if no one shows up, it comes directly out of our pockets. We would rather cancel the meeting and reschedule than hold a meeting for no one. A party where no one attends isn't much of a party. Please, make the effort to advise us of your intentions.

To help budding writers in their attempt to be published, we are making available online this checklist of what you should watch out for when negociating your first (and subsequent) publishing agreements:


If you have something you want to talk about... anything really... feel free to send us a